How To Get Better Real Estate Photography Clients
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Growing Your Real Estate Photography Brand: How to Get Better Real Estate Photography Clients

You’re probably familiar with the adage “work smarter, not harder.” One of the ways you can do just that as a real estate photographer is to sign better clients. Your time & talent is valuable, so make sure you are working with real estate agents who understand and appreciate how quality real estate photography can help them better market and sell properties. In this post, we are sharing 3 ways to get (and keep!) better real estate photography clients.

Use Technology to Help Your Clients with Real Estate Video

Anything you do to support your real estate agent clientele will ultimately help grow your own real estate photography business. By helping agents be on a path towards maximizing their success, you’re ensuring repeat and referral business for yourself. One area of opportunity to do just that is by helping real estate agents with property videos. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports that 73% of homeowners are more likely to list with an agent who provides a property video. Yet, only 20% of agents create listing videos.

NAR Real Estate Listing Video Statistics

By streamlining and simplifying the process for creating real estate videos, using high-end photography, you’re helping your client stand out from the pack and be more successful in their efforts.

Pro Tip: Using a platform designed for photographers (not for real estate agents) will keep clients engaged with your business and less likely to source lower quality options or DIY solutions.

Market Yourself as a Professional Real Estate Photographer

Marketing Yourself as a Real Estate Photographer

Each property you photograph and each agent who hires you becomes a part of your professional portfolio. That’s likely not news; however, many times real estate photographers are so busy with all of the elements of running their business they forget to make time to market themselves. You’ve put in the hours and the talent to capture stunning listing photos (and videos). Be sure to use your successes to showcase yourself online. This helps to attract more high-calibur clients. Use social media and other online platforms to display your work and serve as proof of your skill. Being active online and encouraging your clients to do the same will also help you garner business referrals and reviews.

Focus on Selling Your Services; Not Educating on The Value of Real Estate Photography

Value of Real Estate Photography

Too often, you may find yourself having to explain and prove the value of professional real estate photography. These are not your best clients. The education you provide upfront may or may not result in new business. Instead, focus your time and efforts on real estate professionals who understand how much value professional real estate photography adds to their listings. This doesn’t mean you should avoid sharing helpful or valuable information via your social media or email marketing, especially articles like this one from NAR. Instead, don’t spend too much of your time and attention talking someone through the value of professional photography. Real estate professionals that run their business like a business (and not a hobby) understand the value of professional photography.

Final Thoughts

In the same ways you are working to support your real estate agent clients, make sure you are working with vendors who are dedicated to supporting you as a photographer. Many companies who brand themselves as tools for photographers actually try to fit a one-size-fits-all model that is neither dedicated to supporting real estate agents nor professional photographers.

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1 thought on “Growing Your Real Estate Photography Brand: How to Get Better Real Estate Photography Clients”

  1. Most of us waste too much time on explaining how important professional photography is to the real estate agents who aren’t even interested. It’s true.. Learned a few things from your article and for which im really grateful. Thank you for sharing!


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