real estate photography virtual tour software

HDPhotoHub: Not Just Real Estate Photography Virtual Tour Software

There are several established companies who provide options for real estate photographers to create and share property websites. As someone who has a background in creating tools to support real estate photography, HDPhotoHub founder, Herb Dierks, says he’s seen the larger, established companies get a bit too complacent in their reputation as a real estate photography virtual tour software company. This comfort can make them slow to create and implement new features.

He’s also noticed smaller startups who approach the industry from a personal hobby perspective rather than with a serious business focus. “That’s why I knew I needed to create something different – a company dedicated to providing real estate photographers with the support photographers need as entrepreneurs: easy-to-use tools, customizable templates, affordable pricing, and a true passion for helping independent real estate photographers succeed.” That’s how HDPhotoHub came to be.

Leveraging over two decades of experience creating a real estate marketing platform, Herb identified several areas where independent real estate photographers were underserved by the offerings the established market provided.

“I wanted to find a way to truly support busy entrepreneurs with plug and play tools, but also challenge HDPhotoHub to avoid becoming status quo by being the feature innovation leader.”

With those goals in mind, HDPhotoHub continually looks for ways to better serve real estate photographers including: relationship terms that favor the small business, marketing tools spotlighting the photographer and real estate professional rather than the technology firm, customizable templates and offerings which photographers could quickly and easily make their own, and letting the desire to support individuals inform each decision about new technology and focal points.  

real estate photography virtual tour software

The Branding is Yours, Not Ours. Time and time again, we’ve seen feature releases that seem okay until you realize the company has embedded their own branding or hasn’t allowed for you to easily replace with your own information or that of your customer. We’ve worked hard to develop a platform that works well, follows best practices, and pushes the envelope on technology and design, but we don’t need the credit. When we see our photographers creating and sharing their incredible photography, that’s all the thanks we need.

Some Think One Size Fits All – We Disagree. One of the greatest things about technology is the ability to morph one tool to serve a variety of purposes. Your phone can send emails, connect you to social media, give you directions, take pictures, and so much more, but ability doesn’t equate to best. We’d guess that when you head to a property, you’re grabbing more than just an iPhone to capture your artistic vision. That’s how we feel about a lot of the older companies who include real estate photographers in their customer list. They might be able to help photographers, but chances are they focus on a lot of different clients and industries as well. Our primary goal is to support real estate photographers, and our extensive features list is proof.

You Don’t Need to Sign a Contract. We know things change rapidly in business. If we aren’t providing the right tools or your business shifts, you have the flexibility to stop service with HDPhotoHub at any time. Our plan is affordable and straightforward for a reason – its goal is to help you grow your business. If it’s not doing the job, talk to us. If you still don’t have what you need, we understand the need to find another solution.

All that said, we do think you’ll like what we have created – just like this customer shared.

We Have the Industry Experience AND a Personalized Focus. We’ve worked with so many talented photographers over the years and have heard their frustrations, wish lists, and praises. (We also know that needs and trends change, so we are continuing to listen to you – drop us a line here or here!) Our platform has so many options and customizable features, all simple to use so you don’t waste your time, which helps ensure your business shines and your customers are impressed. If you need something beyond the standard offerings, you can use our FREE design editor to make what you need or let us help. We can work with you to make sure you’re getting what you need from our real estate marketing platform, tools, and websites!

Want to learn more about HDPhotoHub and founder, Herb Dierks? Check out this video.

Ready to see how HDPhotoHub is different for yourself? Let’s get started!

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