3 Things to Know When Starting a Real Estate Photography Business
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3 Things to Know When Starting a Real Estate Photography Business

Real estate photography is a true art form. However, when you’re looking to make a career as a professional real estate photographer, knowing how to create and capture stunning property photos and videos isn’t enough. You’ll also need to know how to go about starting a real estate photography business, as well as how to maintain and grow your business.

3 Things to Know When Starting a Real Estate Photography Business

Know Real Estate Photography Pricing

You can’t expect to build and grow a successful business if you aren’t charging enough to thrive or if you’re charging too much to gain new clients. How do you know how to price your services? Look around at what established photographers are charging. Since you’re selling your creative abilities and output, being new doesn’t necessarily dictate your pricing. You’re far better off approaching your pricing structure by looking at those already in the field who are producing work similar to yours and going from there.

Network with Real Estate Agents

Connect with your potential client base early and often; they’ll be able to provide you with information and feedback vital to forming your business practices so you can give clients what they need and expect. You can use Zillow to research the market you’re in to better understand what is working for real estate professionals and who key players are. Make sure to connect online with people you meet in person via LinkedIn (or whatever their preferred social platform is) to continue to foster the relationship.

A key point: just because you’re building and growing a business, don’t be afraid to seek out high quality real estate agent clients. Those who appreciate the value of what you can do for them will prove to be far more important to your business than a large volume of clients who don’t have a clear vision of how real estate photography benefits their business.

Use Tools to Showcase Your Professional Real Estate Photography

You’ll of course want to make sure you have the basics covered and are equipped with the right tools for the job. However, you’ll also need to have a plan in place for displaying and sharing your work. These days, real estate professionals expect a strong online digital marketing stack to be available with their real estate photos. Everything from a property website, tour video(s), mobile-friendly display of all photos, and shareable social media and email marketing posts should be easily accessible upon delivery of your work.

Finding one tool that can support your real estate photography marketing needs will simplify and streamline your time and effort. Make sure you select a service at a reasonable cost, while also ensuring you are providing a high-value, high-quality end product for your client. Check out a company’s examples and testimonials, as well as test drive the product before making your selection. If you have questions about the product, reach out to the company and see if they are truly dedicated to supporting you as a real estate photographer.

Ready to work with a company focused on real estate photographers?

There are a lot of elements to consider and plan before launching your photography business. We covered 3 things to know when starting a real estate photography business in this post, and we would love to hear how you’ve tackled these areas or how established photographers have grown in these areas, so leave us a comment here, on Facebook, or on Instagram!


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