Shooting Spaces Podcast Featuring HDPhotoHub

HDPhotoHub Featured on Shooting Spaces Podcast

In case you missed it, our founder, Herb Dierks, was recently on the Shooting Spaces podcast!

From the Show Notes:

“This week we speak with Herb Dierks. After spending years working with Tour Factory, Herb set out to create a new system for real estate photographers to showing their work and enhance not only their own marketing, but marketing for the agents as well.

Herb created HDPhotoHub as the solution.  HDPhotoHub allows photographers to create galleries, custom property websites, marketing material for agents, accept payment and more, all within their individual platform.   Agents can also get.a custom login to each property listing as a central “hub” to download and store all of their marketing assets.

The best part is these custom property websites can be purchased as low at $10 each (with purchasing larger package) but the point it it is extremely affordable.  They also offer a download only gallery option for only $3 which is an incredible option for photographers who want to offer their agents something a little nicer then a dropbox link.

Also listen towards the end of the episode for the coupon code, where Herb offers all of our listeners their very first property listing website absolutely FREE.

We are always trying to have guests on that offer services and platforms to the real estate photography industry and HDPhotoHub doesn’t disappoint.”


As a reminder, until November 30, 2018, site credits are BOGO!

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