The Best Tool for Real Estate Photographers

The Best Tool for Real Estate Photographers: The Team at HDPhotoHub

HDPhotoHub is not just another marketing or technology company for photographers. (Although creating awesome technology for photographers is what we do.) The team at HDPhotoHub has extensive experience in the real estate photography industry; combined, we have nearly four decades of time spent helping to move real estate photography forward. Our backgrounds, combined with our passions for helping small business owners/photographers grow and thrive, makes HDPhotoHub the best tool for real estate photographers.

The Best Tool for Real Estate Photographers


Our founder’s story started with a large company whose focus was on creating marketing tools for marketing real estate photography. Herb Dierks decided simply creating the technology wasn’t enough; he wanted to make it easier for real estate photographers to market themselves, as well as to protect and display their work for real estate agents and grow their portfolios.

Since the launch of HDPhotoHub, we’ve added new features, templates, tools, and experienced team members. We’d like to share some of the team behind the company and why they’re committed to making business easier for real estate photographers.

Meet Herb Dierks, Founder of HDPhotoHub

Herb Dierks, Founder HDPhotoHub

Why Supporting Real Estate is Important: “Buying a home is not only the biggest purchase most people make, it’s also how most people define their identity. Do I choose to live in a house that is spacious or cozy, are the materials modern or natural, is the neighborhood dense or spread out, do I have lots of space to entertain or workspace for creative hobbies or a big yard for kids or pets? How we choose and shape our environment helps us to become who we are. So the process of finding the perfect home is, in a way, a process of self-discovery.”

Why He Started HDPhotoHub: “I get to help people visualize their future. For many people, the first moment that they find their dream home is on a web site that we helped create. Then, when they make an offer and eagerly await closing, they come back to the website while they dream and plan their future. In a small way, I get to be part of people’s dreams coming true – what could be better than that?”

In Essence: “HDPhotoHub is here to make owning a real estate photography business easier by letting photographers focus on their art and supporting them with awesome technology made just for them.”


Meet Debbie Ferrette, Director of Business Development

Debbie Ferrette HDPhotoHub

Why Photography & Real Estate are Important to Her: “I started working for a photography studio while I was still in high school. The owner decided I would be a good photographer, so he took me under his wing and taught me portrait photography. This was back in the days when it was very unusual for a woman to be a professional photographer and especially one as young as I was then. About 10 years later, I purchased my own portrait studio. Although I had employees, I had full responsibility for the sales, photography, management, accounting, and production as most small business owners do.

My next career adventure took me to a company that provided virtual tours of homes for sale for real estate agents. This company had sales, photography, and computer work all wrapped into one – everything I was looking for. I was there over 15 years. I photographed houses, (instead of people) and became a sales rep. Later, I became director of their national sales force where I taught and coached the new sales teams so they could get started quickly and grow a successful photography business in their local market.”

Why She Joined HDPhotoHub: “I was given the opportunity to help build a business with a focus on the architectural photographer’s needs with HDPhotoHub. During my whole career, I have helped people be better at what they do and who they are. I love talking with professional photographers all over the nation, to help them build their businesses. Not only am I able to help the photographers, but the Realtors too!  We give them a product that will increase their listings and then ultimately help the seller to get their home sold faster and for a better price, when their agent uses the best marketing strategies that we provide. It is so rewarding and really exciting for me to introduce new photographers to HDPhotoHub and watch how our products build their businesses.”

In Essence: “I have always felt so lucky to be in careers that are fun and positive. They make me happy. I have truly loved being able to help people, to make a difference in so many lives, and make people smile!”


If you’re ready to grow your real estate photography business with the support of a team who truly understands and supports your passion and art, we would love to hear from you. Try out our tools, and if something isn’t working for you, we’re here to tailor it to your needs.


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